The Yoga Picnic

Healing Village

Pre-booking is advised for all healers. Details and booking information is set out below in relation to each healer. There may also be availability on the day.

~Sage and Seer~
Massage and Energy Healing

Welcome Sacred Ones. Janey is a Wild Kiwi Woman at heart, fully at home immersed barefoot in nature, creating sacred circles, crystal grids and honouring our inner cycles and the Celtic Wheel. What lights her up is helping women create vitality, balance & well being so they have the freedom and energy to enjoy a healthy life. She offers a divine ancient wisdom meets modern science approach using Homeopathy, Energy alchemy and Bodywork as the vehicle for ultimate hormonal health & spiritual healing. It is her pleasure to bring her massage & energy healing gifts to The Yoga Picnic 2023. She is offering a combination treatment fusing Swedish style massage with the timeless tradition of Ayurvedic touch, organic oils, energy healing, tuning forks & Crystals. Having trained internationally during 13 years backpacking the world her learning & teachings emerge from NZ, Wales, Australia, India, UK & Ireland she is super excited to share.

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Helen Colgan
~Healing Heart~
Energy Healing

Helen is an Energy Healing Practitioner based in Drumree, Co. Meath. She creates a sacred space, calling on your healing team. She allows the energy to do the work. She believes that the energy is your power, your vibrancy, your gold. It is yours to restore, to reconnect, and to reawaken within you. The blending of different healing methods and energy work is something you will have never experienced before because she welcomes your energy into the healing space. Each session is sacred and bespoke for you and therefore no two sessions are ever the same. When we allow our energy to flow, transformational change occurs. The more you experience your energy during an energy healing session with Helen, the more you will truly come to know you. Deep down you know who you truly are, Helen is simply a guiding light to hold you while you recognise your soul journey. Your full potential is waiting. Are you ready to make space for you? At The Yoga Picnic, Helen will be offering both group sessions and individual sessions.

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~Gabriella McMahon~
Nutritional Therapist

Balance in Midlife Nutrition & Wellbeing: Gabriella is a Nutrition Therapist, based in Mullingar. She specializes in supporting women over 40 who are going through a lot of physical, mental, and emotional change due to peri-menopause & menopause. She takes a 360 approach to health, using nutrition & lifestyle medicine, to help women manage their health. Her mission when working with clients is to guide and support them on their health journey so they feel good about themselves again. Whether your goal is to have more energy, better sleep, or a slimmer waistline, nutritional therapy can support you to make your midlife, your best life. Gabriella offers 1:1 nutrition consultations & programmes. She will also soon be offering group nutrition programmes & day retreats. At The Yoga Picnic Gabriella will be offering nutrition & lifestyle consultations.

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~Ciao Therapy~
Shiatsu therapy and Massage

Anna is a Shiatsu therapist and deep tissue massage practitioner based in Mullingar. She has been working as a body therapist for the past 10 years, providing massages, helping women connect to their bodies and themselves. Shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine help her understand the mind-body connection. Also, give her tools to provide massages depending on individual needs. She believes that big changes happen in our lives when we stop and give ourselves time, to breathe, and to feel the body. And massage gives great opportunity for it. Originally from Poland and living in Ireland for the last  3 years with her husband, son, and dog. Embracing slow life in the countryside. 



Phone 086 455 85 88; Email:

~Happy Soul Therapy~
Reflexology, Massage & Reiki

Richella Scally is a qualified Reflexoligst, Massage Therapist & Reiki Master operating from her ‘Happy Soul’ Clinic in Tullamore.

With over 20 years experience as a Massage Therapist it wasn’t until her own daughter got Cancer that she fully understood and recognised the amazing benefits of hands on healing and the power that Reflexology & Reiki has on the body. Fully embracing her own natural and intuitive healing gifts she embarked to learn more healing arts and has brought many of these therapies to her own clinic with great success.  Helping and healing others is her Passion and she tailors treatments to suit her clients needs whether it is Reiki or Angel Healing, Crystals, Foot Face or Hand Reflexology, Indian Head or Back Massage or a combo treatment. She prides herself on providing a safe space that people can surender, release and heal. Treating Stress, Anxiety, Mental Health, Pain, Cancer Care and specialising in female wellness, Hormonal imbalances, PCOS/Pre/Post Menopause, Fertility & Pregnancy.

At the Yoga Picnic Richella will be offering individual & group treatments.


Phone 085-8147333; Email:



~Emer Brooks~
Tarot Card Reading and Mediumship

Emer has been reading Tarot cards for over 20 years and has been to multiple workshops and Tarot share circles during that time. She has studied with the best Tarot readers in Ireland. She has also studied Mediumship for 7 years and can connect to loved ones who have passed over. Mediumship comes to her naturally as her grandmother was a Medium and a psychic. It runs on the maternal line. She is very passionate about spiritualism and loves nothing more than reading for others. She puts no time limit on readings as she seeks to listen and understand, and provide an outcome.


Phone: 083 040 2966; Email: