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Be Kind Industries

Be Kind Industries merges passions of Wicklow mountain trails, Incense, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Practice, Hiking & Community. Be Kind honours each of these within their brand concept with Kindness at the core. Be Kind Incense is completely chemical free, made from the purest ingredients, these magical fragrances speak for themselves – The Truth is in the Experience.

Solaris Tea

Solaris Tea is a family-run business based in Galway by qualified Medical Herbalists, Karin and Jörg Müller. They specialise in the blending of internationally award-winning Whole Leaf Organic Teas.

Their values are simple: provide the highest quality blends, using organic top grade and Spring flush herbs, teas & spices. Their organic teas harness a fusion of Western, Celtic & Ayurvedic herbal traditions to support wellbeing and offer an exceptional taste experience.

They use no artificial aromas or added ‘natural flavours’ and their packaging is plastic free and all parts are either compostable or biodegradable.

Tea is an experience and they invite you on a sensory journey. A moment of pause to reflect and re-connect!

Magic Earth Cacao

Magic Earth Cacao is 100% organic and ethically sourced from the land of her ancient origins…processed by the hands of Mayan and Quechuan descendants, Magic Earth Cacao carries in her this sacred ancestral wisdom to bring you clarity, healing and transformation.

Away with Nature

The Roots of Our Passion. Away with Nature began as a personal quest in 2020 when Fiona, our founder, faced the challenge of managing her rosacea and wellbeing. She found comfort in the healing powers of nature and dove into the world of natural skincare & wellbeing. After many months, days and hours of research and experimenting with natural ingredients and formulations, Fiona created a special blend that not only soothed her skin but also brought out its natural glow. This journey was more than just about finding a solution. It was about connecting deeply with nature and finding a way back to herself. Together with Shane and their family, Away with Nature is more than a brand, it’s a family’s promise to offer relaxation, restoration through natural harmony which is accessible to everyone.

In the Garden

Dezarae is a folk herbalist and earth tender. Her background is in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. She offers 1:1 sessions, herbal courses, garden design consultations and handcrafted products made with intention from organic or homegrown plants. Her intention with each offering is to hold space for others so that they too can begin to listen to and heal themselves. Remembering that no matter what, the Earth will continue to hold us.

The Farmhouse Bees and Trees Ltd

The Farmhouse raw Irish honey is a small family business situated in Abbeyshrule, Co. Longford, nestled between the banks of the River Inny & the Royal Canal. Pat, Fiona & their two children are passionate about preserving the native Irish honey bee, while producing high quality Irish honey & beeswax products. They work with the seasons to produce Spring honey, Summer honey, heather honey, ivy honey, as well as the newly released chilli infused summer honey. The apiaries are located within a 10km radius of Abbeyshrule. Pat & Fiona are members of nihbs and their home apiary is a conservation area for the native Irish honey bee.

Reflections of Gaia Jewelry

Roisin is an intuitive jewelry artist and teacher as well as a meditation guide who hand creates jewelry using ethically sourced high vibrational crystals for well being and mindful living. She has been working with the healing benefits of crystal therapy for 15 years and is passionate about bringing healing to her community through her craft. Roisin is a heart centered artist who is devoted to restoring our connection to Mother Earth, Gaia. Reflections of Gaia jewelry is nature inspired and each piece has its own soulful essence. Each piece is handmade with love and intention, a prayer from Roisins heart to yours. Her jewelry will speak to your soul and empower you to feel beautiful in your skin. She weaves uplifting and supportive energy into her craft so that you feel what it is you most need to feel for wherever you are on your spiritual journey. Roisin loves creating jewelry as a form of prayer and you will see her passion reflected in her collections.

Liz Walsh Textiles

Liz Walsh Textiles uses Linen woven in Ireland. We illustrate, print and sew all our products here in the heart of the city. Living on Dublin’s Grand canal, Herons and Cormorants are a daily sight. We pair the shapes of the city with native birds and stylised foliage, creating our signature style.

Wild Rose Botanicals Co

Rachel Byrne is owner + founder of @wildrosebotanicals A business that had humble beginnings in her kitchen making soap while raising five children. It has grown into an anthem to return to our roots, living simply, creating from only that which is natural, wild + pure. Products + offerings that bring us into the present with the sacredness of the earth, an invitation to slow down. That beauty + skincare can be nourishing from the inside out. All of Wild Rose Botanicals’ natural beauty products are organic, vegan + handmade with love in Ireland. You can find her boho apothecary in @blackrockmarket and with us at The Yoga Picnic 2024.

The Keep Well Collection

The Keep Well Collection has been curated to give people of all ages the tools and skills to keep well in the modern world. Individual items and customised gift boxes promote self-reflection, gratitude, mindfulness, kindness and self-regulation through all the senses.

Smudge Studio

Smudge Studio, a holistic wellness online shop are passionate about sourcing the finest quality in naturally formed earth treasures from around the world. A small Irish business powered by the energetically charged aura of crystals and other holistic wellness pieces, their drive is to share these intuitively selected pieces of magic to assist you in your every day life to bring comfort and support whenever needed.

Karen Olivia

Karen is an international astrologer, 300-hour yoga teacher, Reiki energy healer and wellness retreat facilitator. Her passion is in creating spaces for people to connect to their divine nature, and does this through astrological consultations, teaching holistic yoga, and hosting retreats and circles. She completed her astrology studies at Portland School of Astrology, the largest astrology school in the US, and has practiced the art of evolutionary astrology since 2018. She guides clients to understand their soul’s purpose here on Earth by unveiling past life lessons and current life gifts. In her astrology practice, she actively rejects spiritual bypassing and “love and light” by addressing the deep wisdom held in the wounds and challenges of the astrological natal chart, as well as the opportunities and talents. In 2024, she will publish Soul Astrology, an astrological oracle deck created in partnership with intuitive artist Chinkal Pareek.

Me Wellness

Me Wellness: Empowering Your Yoga and Pilates Journey. Me Wellness is dedicated to supporting yoga and Pilates practitioners with high-quality grip socks, tote bags, and other essential accessories. The brand name, “Me Wellness,” serves as a reminder to prioritise personal well-being. Me Wellness believes in providing products that enhance the user’s experience, helping them stay focused and comfortable as they work towards their fitness goals. Embrace the journey with Me Wellness – because wellness starts with you.

Aquarius Sea Jewels

Aquarius Sea Jewels was created by Rachael and Colm. They discovered Sea Glass while on an adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way. Ever since they have been obsessed with beachcombing for Sea Glass to create unique styles of Jewellery. They work as closely with nature as possible using natural materials which gives their jewellery a unique style that is worn and felt They specialise in custom-made Sea Glass Rings made to your Size & Style! Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and encapsulated in 100% recycled sterling silver and Gold filled. All their packaging is also made from recycled paper and cardboard and their ethos is to be as zero waste as they possibly can. The Yoga Picnic was the highlight of their summer last year and they can’t wait to meet old friends and meet new ones this year on the 7th of July on the banks of Lough Ennell for The Yoga Picnic 2024 Aquarius Sea Jewels “Wear the Ocean in a Drop”

Well Selfology

Founded on the belief that small, consistent rituals can significantly improve everyday life, Well Selfology offers a range of thoughtfully crafted products designed to foster mindfulness and self-connection. The brand emphasizes the importance of taking time for oneself, advocating for moments of pause in the midst of a busy life. Through their curated collection, Well Selfology encourages individuals to slow down, cultivate resilience, and rediscover their inner balance. Each product is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, simplicity, ethically and the transformative power of self-care.

Raw Botanicals Ireland

Raw Botanicals where nature’s bountiful healing powers and two decades of expert knowledge combine to bring you a holistic and transformative experience. With a passion for herbalism that spans over 20 years, my journey began by foraging the Earth’s most potent botanicals and harnessing their medicinal potential. From the tranquil meadows to the lush forests, each herbal remedy I create is infused with the essence of nature’s wisdom and carefully crafted to enhance your well-being.

Blue Bridge House

Blue Bridge House is a textile studio based in Dublin 8, run by designer & maker Laura. Laura drew inspiration from the place where she first started sewing and created the foundations of her business, her surroundings in the wild nature of co. Clare as well as her interest in reducing waste and changing our habits as conscious consumers. Laura is now based in the vibrant Dublin 8 area and continues to keep creativity and sustainability at the heart of her small business. She works from a carefully selected range of natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp, linen and naturally dyed fabrics to create unique handmade ethical collections of homeware and accessories with a sustainable ethos.

Lettie and Luna

Lettie and Luna creates ranges of products inspired by nature and the natural world.Lettie and Luna are drawn to the beauty in nature and lovingly hand paint watercolours of flowers and images from our natural world which they then digitally print onto products so that customers can enjoy and spread the joy of the beauty and our shared appreciation of our natural world .Our products range from sets of greeting cards with 5 different designs ,cushion covers and aprons printed on natural cotton ,coasters and enamel cups .


BlendnGo was founded in June 2020 by current CEO Cillian O’Malley. Cillian was an athlete in many sports throughout school and college. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was crucial to him in order to maximise his performance and recovery. Cillian used smoothies and protein shakes as a quick way to incorporate extra protein and nutrients into his diet. While studying business in college, and working a part time job, Cillian noticed that there was just one problem. He was limited to just blending at home, with a family sized blender that had to be taken out of the press, put together, plugged in, washed and put away again. Cillian did not have time for this! 

The idea sparked in Cillian’s head that a compact, cordless, portable blender would be the answer to his problem. He researched the market and although there was a few portable blenders available, none were up to the quality he desired. This is when BlendnGo was born. Cillian developed his own portable blender which was of a desired quality to do the things he needed it to do such as blend frozen fruit, have a long battery life, and most importantly still be affordable. The developed concept was put into production and BlendnGo was born! 

BlendnGo’s mission is to conveniently help people to live healthier lifestyles. Our portable blenders, and other products help you to do exactly that! Blend everywhere, and anywhere


Creating food that nourishes your body and delights your taste buds is the aim of Erica Sheehan, founder of Irish brand Homespun. Homespun started out as a farmers market business which spun out of Erica’s kitchen in her home in Blackrock, Co Dublin and has since grown to supply retailers all over Ireland with its better for you granolas, syrups and oat bars. “Homespun is all about conscious wholefoods-based indulgence. Counting nutrients not calories, and treating ourselves kindly is our philosophy.” Homespun award-winning products can be found on the shelves of Irish retailers including Supervalu, Avoca and Nourish at Dunnes Stores and on