The Yoga Picnic

Line Up: sound, word & art

Music, Spoken Word, Sound, Poetry and Art

Music Headliner: Jack Harrison

Jack has worked as a folklorist, musician and yoga teacher for the last 30 years and has integrated these paths together in the Celtic School of Yoga. He is a principal author of a seminal book on the parallels between yoga and the Celtic world and he has recorded three acclaimed albums of yoga music.

His teachings and practice explore how it is to ally movement of the body with breath, focus, mythology, poetry, music and the natural world—and the astonishing fact of being alive.

Spoken Word Headliner: Eve Rose

Laura (Eve Rose) is a poet and activist who uses an ancient Irish poetic practice to fuel her work. ‘Imbas Forosnai’ is an old Irish term which means ‘inspiration that illuminates’. The filí (seer-poets) of pre-Christian Ireland used this practice to bring healing to society and truth to power. The practice was banned by St. Patrick and all but written out of history. The words ‘Imbas Forosnai’ no longer exist in modern Irish vernacular. Since having a spontaneous experience of Imbas Forosnai on Brigid’s Way pilgrimage in 2013, Laura has been working towards remembering, restoring and reviving this practice within a culturally relevant modern context. Laura’s Imbas-infused work has been featured in the Abbey Theatre’s critically acclaimed ‘HOME: Part One’, Herstory lightshows, TG4’s ‘Imeall’ and RTÉ documentary ‘Finding Brigid’. She is poet in residence at Herstory, the movement illuminating female role-models. Laura was a key player in the campaign to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday and is an advocate for mother and baby home survivors.



Cathal Kealey

Cathal Kealey is the head of Marketing & PR at Kia Ireland who are an official partner of The Yoga Picnic. At this years festival, Kia will power each event tent using their vehicle-to-device technology (V2D) which uses the vehicle battery to power external devices.  Cathal has over ten years of management experience in the automotive industry and will discuss the role of sustainability and environmental, social, governance (ESG) topics in the sector as well as European regulations and future trends.

Martin Schärer

Martin Schärer, originally from Switzerland, living in Ireland since 2003, is a percussionist, performer, teacher, facilitator and composer. He has played with many different ensembles and in various genres over the years in Ireland and internationally. Martin is Musical Director, Percussionist and has composed music for Catherine Young Dance’s: A Call To You; State Of Exception; Céilí Afro Dabke, It Takes a Village, Welcoming the Stranger and more. Martin started collaborating with Catherine Young in 2006. Martin started facilitation percussion workshop in 2001 and is facilitation workshops to children and adults of all ages and abilities. As a young adult he developed a keen interest into meditation which flows into all his work.

Remember to Dance

Elaine Joyce is the founder of Remember to Dance, a sporadic series of dance workshops to remind you to dance. Elaine is a trained ballet and jazz dancer, with a background in choreography too. After taking a few years off dancing and then returning to classes, she realised her skills weren’t what they once were, so she set up ‘Remember to Dance’ as a reminder to herself and everyone, that dancing does not need to be skilled to be joyous. Her mantra is – Come and dance, even if you can’t!


Pat Lalor

Pat Lalor, a native of Kilbeggan has been farming organically for over 20 years. Pat describes organic farming as working with respect for the soil and he is totally committed to this practice; using farmyard manure from his cattle to grow organic oats in rotation with red clover. Half of his farm is arable land and half is grassland where he farms approximately 100 cattle each year. Using this circular system he has built up a thriving ‘farm to fork’ business at Ballard Organic Farm, namely Kilbeggan Organic Foods. The farm has been owned and operated by the Lalor family since 1844, with Pat representing the 5th generation. The rich agricultural heritage and deep-rooted farming traditions have shaped their commitment to sustainable farming practices and the production of wholesome foods using the organic oats grown on their farm. Pat is a strong advocate for organic farming and he operated an open farm for 20 years, welcoming school groups, agricultural students and interested members of the public, always willing to share his knowledge and experience of organic farming. “Whilst conventional farming is about the chemistry of the soil, organic farming is about the biology of the soil.” Pat is the Director of Kilbeggan Organic Foods, a valued Partner of The Yoga Picnic. 


Elaine Burke

Elaine is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, soundbath facilitator and trainee psychotherapist with an interest in merging body based practices with psychotherapy, facilitated through sound. Elaine is an Athlone based teacher, who runs weekly classes through mindful yoga, beginner vinyasa yoga and meditation as well as bi-monthly and monthly yoga and sound healing events. Elaine is passionate about how we can work with our unconscious through yoga and meditation, releasing self limiting beliefs, and aims to provide an inclusive space where self acceptance is promoted and all parts of ourselves are welcome.

Olive MacDonagh

Olive MacDonagh is the founder of Butterfly Cottage Retreat, a local little piece of heaven in Co. Westmeath. Olive is a Kundalini Yogi, mantra artist and professional sound therapist amongst her talents of deeply relaxing and nourishing guests and bringing people home to themselves. Her classes and retreats are a wonderful blend of breathing, movement and sound practices. Her soundbaths are the icing on the cake with her use of healing instruments and voice to bring people to a relaxed state of bliss.

Rachel Coyne

Rachel Coyne is a visual artist and co-founder of Cúige Studios Mullingar. She holds a BA Fine Art Degree from ATU Galway and has studied at New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture. Rachel’s work is concerned with the feminine as she investigates social and domestic feminist issues through paint. She teaches art classes to children and adults (The Artist’s Mess) and co-hosts regular creative social events at Cúige Art Studio.

Paul Johnson

Paul started playing Bass guitar at age 16 and played in his first band in 1981 with Sharon and Jim Corr, who went on to star in the famous Corrs. He played as a session musician on an Irish TV program called Sibín and was lucky enough to play with Ronnie Drew, Eleanor Shanley and many others. He has recorded and played live gigs to date with De Danann, The Higglers, Eleanor Shanley, Brendan Hearty, John Prine, Phillip Donnelly, Tom Cussons, Ruth Dillon, Sean Tyrell and others. He has appeared on the Late Late Show and Kenny Live with De Danann and was bass player with the great Maimin Cajun Band. As well as bass, Paul also plays acoustic and electric guitar and toured some years back as a guitarist with Irish Traditional band Fonn Caoi, which featured Varina Cummins on accordion, Julie Langan on fiddle and Kevin Dohertry on double bass. He runs his own small recording studio where he recorded and edited Alec Finn’s album, Inishfree, on which he played fretless bass and double bass.

Andrea Cullen

Andrea is multi-disciplinary artist & designer. Founder of Bronte Design House and Co-founder of Cuige. Andrea has a degree in fashion design from LSAD and a master from NCAD in Design. As Creative director of Bronte Design House Andrea has worked with many of the top creatives, brands and fresh new talent who are making lots of noise in Ireland. Along with her sister Tanya of Bronte Photography they are the creative and artistic Directors of “The Blizzards” latest album and the last four music videos to the design of their live stage shows. She has designed  some of the top brands in the country, Caribou, Bonobo, Impala, Sherwoods, Cuige to name a few and was the Artistic Director to Niall Breslins “where is my mind” live show in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in May 2023. Andrea has designed the brand and websites for both Alyce and Katy Harrison’s yoga businesses and most recently designed the yoga picnic logo. At The Yoga Picnic, Andrea has put her artistic and creative hat on and sprinkled her design flare throughout the festival, from the main entrance to the way finding and a few secret sections that will tickle your creative souls.

Jenny Ní Ruiséil

Jenny is an Irish yogini, musician and teacher originally from Dublin who teaches and practices traditional tantric hatha yoga & meditation. She also shares the magic of Bhakti yoga through her Kirtan sessions online and in Ireland (a devotional practice involving mantra chanting and group singing). She is committed to exploring, practicing and living a heart-based, creative life, using the traditional teachings of the Himalayan Masters combined with the deep roots of her Irish and Celtic lineage as guides and frameworks. Her fascination with all things music, sound, language and energy-based has led her to explore the connections between these ancient spiritual practices and their relation to the body, heart and mind of today’s practitioner, and how rooting ourselves deeply in a practice, lineage or tradition can help to facilitate an even deeper sense of home.

Sean Clancy

Sean is one of the Keepers and Guides of the Hill of Uisneach, an accredited Seanachaí (traditional storyteller, historian) and member of Storytellers Ireland, a Druid, identifies as Irish Pagan and is an active member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. A Climate Activist, Organic Farmer, Chartered Engineer and Climate Action Officer for Westmeath County Council, husband and dad!

Kay Kilroy

Kay has worked as a teacher, psychotherapist and in more recent years, has linked her life-long interest in the healings of plants, minerals and sea  in  her practice as homeopath. Sound is a central element in homeopathy and her soundbaths are both healing and inspirational. Her intention is for the healing vibrations to form a catalyst of inspiration to remember all the wisdom and love within yourself. She celebrates ourselves in our own uniqueness.

Jörg Müller

Jörg stems from a family with a love for nature. His mother is a traditional herbalist from the Czech Republic. His love for wild, edible and medicinal plants has persisted ever since. Sharing the smells, the adventure and sense of discovery of the native plants that thrive in the forests and meadows surrounding him through herb walks, classes and foraging events has been a passion ever since. His interest in medicinal and edible plants led him to pursue a degree in Herbal Medicine BSc (Hons) more than 20 years ago and he practiced as a medical herbalist for many years. In 2002 he co-founded Solaris Botanicals Ltd whose authentic organic herbal tea blends created a storm when they were released and continue to delight all those who taste them. His expert nose has been likened to that of a perfumer and he has a true talent for exciting new flavour sensations. His passion lies in exploring how the energetic and chemical components of herbs benefit the human body. He loves sharing how we can find ‘a moment of pause’ when we connect more deeply to the sensory aspect of the plant world to create a sense of calm and grounding in our daily lives. Jörg has been seen on TG4, Nationwide and most recently on the native wildflower and sustainability series on RTE 1 ‘Faoi Blaith’. Solaris Tea is a valued Partner of The Yoga Picnic. 

Sarah Fahy

Sarah is an IUHPE certified health promotion practitioner with an interest in youth mental health, specifically how the social determinants of health influence the lives of young people today. As the Irish ambassador for the Mini Mermaids Program, Sarah has promoted physical activity as a key component of overall mental wellbeing to foster social and emotional skills among young people. Her experience lies in collaborating with communities to implement strategies that enhance youth mental health outcomes. Dedicated to holistic health, Sarah focuses on creating supportive environments that empower young people to flourish.

Eimer Daly

Eimer Daly is a Wellness News Reporter with a background in media and workplace wellness. She brings her passion for health and wellbeing to the forefront, hosting discussions and reporting on wellness news for Ireland’s National Radio Station Newstalk. Currently completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training, Eimer is dedicated to deepening her practice and sharing the transformative power of yoga. In addition to her media work, Eimer hosts the ‘Figuring It Out’ podcast, where she shares inspiring stories of resilience and personal growth. She also organizes community hikes, reflecting her love for connecting with others and immersing in nature for overall wellbeing, . Eimer’s unique blend of expertise and passion makes her a cherished member of the wellness community.

Sarah Broderick

Sarah Broderick is the Operations Manager at Hometree Charity. She is an environmental scientist with experience working both in ecology and environmental social science. Sarah is passionate about nature restoration. She believes in the powerful role our connection to nature plays in facilitating ecosystem recovery and personal wellbeing. Through her role with Hometree, Sarah works to protect, restore and create native woodlands in Ireland. Hometree has sites throughout the country and operate Ireland’s only organic native tree nursery. As well as their core restoration work, they offer education, cultural and arts programmes and monthly volunteering to allow people to connect their work and to nature itself. Hometree Charity is a valued Partner of The Yoga Picnic.

Brenda Ward

Brenda Ward is a Science graduate from Trinity who then pursued a career in Acupuncture. She combines both her Science background with her Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) knowledge to provide individuals with an integrated healthcare approach. She believes wholeheartedly optimising natural health is the key to increasing reproductive potential . She set up The Natural Fertility Hub this year. It is an online platform composed of a team of dedicated healthcare specialists with one common goal; to optimise individuals natural reproductive potential and help achieve their dream of parenthood. The Hub is unique in its blend of complementary treatments; acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, reflexology, thyroid specialists and councillors along with diagnostics; bloods and pelvic scans . It can provide in-depth fertility assessments and tailored fertility optimisation plans.

Regina Bracken

Regina is an Irish Wildlife artist who creates realistic wildlife drawings and paintings. Oil paint, graphite pencil and biro are her preferred mediums. Regina also teaches paper crafts made from recycled book and loves creating paper origami hanging installations.

Deborah Nolan

Deborah has worked in mental health and family support for almost 20 years. She specialises in eating disorder treatment, relational trauma and generation trauma. Deborah is a registered Systemic Psychotherapist, Play therapist and EMDR therapist. Deborah has a private practice in Galway and provides therapy services and training in Barnardos, TUSLA, Brothers of Charity and CAHMS. Deborah believes that all individuals and systems have the power to heal themselves and has seen this to be true in her work with those living with mental illness and PTSD. She believes that the gutbrain connection is central to healing and once strengthened, those suffering can lead their own path to healing.

Aoife McNamara

Aoife has always had a passion for the natural world. After securing an Honours degree from Limerick School of Art & Design, and gaining industry experience in Paris and New York, Aoife was determined to create unique Irish garments that were at peace with the planet. Since 2019, the brand has gained a cult following online and established a flagship store in a thatched cottage in Adare, Co. Limerick.

Aoife fosters a culture of grassroots collaboration and community empowerment by partnering with local suppliers and artists. Her award-winning collections are inspired by Ireland’s wild beauty and are driven by innovative practices.


Medalla will be curating and mixing the set for Shakti Dance, live at TYP. His musical style ranges from Deep House and Techno, to Indie Dance and Alternative but always with an ear for a melody and a groove. He currently hosts a bi-weekly radio show on and a monthly residency in The Ivy in Dublin. He has been surrounded by music from a young age. He is classically trained in piano, played fiddle and tin whistle in school and taught himself guitar to play in bands with his family and friends. He also played percussion in the Galway Youth Orchestra. Later, he began DJing and has been playing tunes for over 20 years. Medalla is a regular yoga practitioner for the past 10 years, having spent over a year traveling through Nepal, India and Thailand, studying Vipassana meditation under S.N. Goenka and Hatha yoga with Agama in Rishikesh and Koh Phangan.

Jette Virdi

Jette is a stylist, pilates teacher and creative director focused on sustainable installations, nature and connection.
She’s worked all over the world designing for Guinness, Selfridges as well as smaller brands with big hearts. A sense of wonder can be found in her work whether it’s a Field of Flowers or a tablescape.

Anne Marie Hynes

AnneMarie ~ Irelands only Soul Voice practitioner has been using the voice has a healing tool for almost two decades. Her vocal confidence as a facilitator and performer is an alluring experience that often leaves attendee’s and listeners wanting to work with her 1:1 or attend longer workshops. Her intention is to empower your voice and be a stepping stone on your journey to accepting your own unique frequency.

Anne Marie Hynes

Ann is an Inspirational Singer,Yoga Teacher, Writer, Healer and Shamanic practitioner. From the place between worlds Ann weaves Ancient wisdom teachings, traditions and present moment awareness simply into being. From this place of deep connection she brings into being the sounds and chants that are woven into our beautiful wild and ancient landscapes and the Soul songs that bring us Home. Healing energies that stem from the heart and soul of who we truly are. She weaves into her yoga classes, gatherings and healing circles, sounds chants and songs and a deep and simple healing presence. Awakening within us a sense of knowing and belonging. A Calling Home a chant that is known and shared around the world has been a gift to share, a deep calling from the heart and soul of all that is Calling us Home. She has new songs and poetry that are soon be released. Some of which will be shared at The Yoga Picnic. Nature is her Muse.