The Yoga Picnic

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a diverse group of businesses who share our passion for health, wellness, sustainability, creativity, community and innovation. Each of our partners brings a unique expertise and resources to the forefront, allowing us to create an unforgettable festival experience for all who attend.


From local businesses to national brands, our sponsors are committed to making a positive impact in the world and we are honoured to have their support. We encourage you to take a moment to learn more about the work they do.


Thank you to all of our partners for making The Yoga Picnic possible, and for helping us to bring joy and inspiration to our community.


County Council

We would like to say a warm thank you to The Westmeath Cultural Team for believing in us and helping us to make The Yoga Picnic happen. We are a very small team working incredibly hard to ensure the best possible experience for everyone attending TYP and any support is massively appreciated.



TYP Partners

Kia Ireland

Kia Ireland is our Sustainable Transport Partner for TYP 2024. As part of this partnership, Kia will play a vital role in supporting our mission to reduce our carbon footprint by powering our tents with electric vehicles.

Kia, a pioneer in sustainable practices within the car manufacturing industry, aligns with our vision of promoting a sustainable lifestyle. They have taken meaningful steps towards becoming the leading provider of sustainable transport.

We love that Kia has a global partnership with The Ocean Cleanup, demonstrating their dedication to environmental stewardship. Through this collaboration, Kia supports ocean and river cleanup projects while also promoting a circular economy by integrating harvested plastic into their vehicles.

We are very impressed with Kia’s plans for the future. Their vision is to power their manufacturing sites entirely with renewable sources. To accelerate the transition to clean energy, Kia is integrating solar energy generating systems at manufacturing plants. Kia is also developing initiatives to commercially reuse EV batteries, transforming end-of-life batteries into energy storage systems in collaboration with local energy partners.

Be Kind

Be Kind’s journey began when they set out for salvation in the Wicklow Mountain trails throughout the lockdowns. They reacquainted ourselves with Wicklow’s stunning surroundings and fell in love with all the natural beauty on offer. They found peace, serenity and joy while connecting with Wicklow’s deep rooted spirituality, exploring the many trails and historical sites & landmarks.

In parallel, they were on an inner and outer spiritual journey, their obsession with incense was becoming problematic, they stumbled across some natural hand rolled blends from India and made it their mission to source the most natural and ethical products available. Over time they developed a strong connection to the source, communities devoted to supplying Temples of India for over 200 years, each stick made with intention & love.

From there stemmed the birth child of Be Kind Industries merging all of their passions of Wicklow, Incense, Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Practice, Hiking & Community, They have honoured each of the above within our brand concept with Kindness at the core. Be Kind Incense is completely chemical free, made from the purest ingredients, these magical fragrances speak for themselves – The Truth is in the Experience.


Balance is beautiful. That’s the simple ethos around which all HOLDEReight products have been developed. Their goal is singular: create beautiful, environmentally safe yoga products that will bring joy to your practice and help you to find more of the balance in life we all need.

And because every yogi brings something different to the mat, HOLDEReight mats bring something different to the yogi: a range of carefully created, hand-drawn designs that mean you can find something that really suits your yoga style. All of their mats are made with naturally biodegradable rubber, their bottles are BPA free, and everything they do is done with utmost environmental consciousness. Because their belief in balance isn’t just about life and yoga, but the world around us too.

Kilbeggan Organic Foods

We are proud to partner with Kibeggan Organic Foods for the third consecutive year.

Kilbeggan Organic Foods is an award winning family-run business based in the heart of the Midlands. Kilbeggan Organic Foods’ organic farm has been owned and operated by the Lalor family since 1844. The rich heritage and deep-rooted agricultural traditions have shaped their commitment to sustainable farming practices and the production of wholesome foods using only oats grown on their organic farm.

Kilbeggan Organic Foods takes pride in exclusively selling their own oats, ensuring the highest level of quality and authenticity. They are renowned for their exceptional porridge oats and oat cookies. Their oat cookies are hand-made using the finest ingredients including Irish butter and their own organic oats, and can be purchased from their website The company has received numerous accolades and awards, notably, their porridge oats have been nominated for and emerged victorious in esteemed competitions such as the Euro-toques and Great Taste awards. These accolades are a testament to the superior taste and excellence of their organic products.

Solaris Tea

Solaris Tea is a family-run business based in Galway by qualified Medical Herbalists, Karin and Jörg Müller. We specialise in the blending of internationally award-winning Whole Leaf Organic Teas.

Our values are simple: provide the highest quality blends, using organic top grade and Spring flush herbs, teas & spices. Our organic teas harness a fusion of Western, Celtic & Ayurvedic herbal traditions to support wellbeing and offer an exceptional taste experience.

We use no artificial aromas or added ‘natural flavours’ and our packaging is plastic free and all parts are either compostable or biodegradable.

Tea is an experience and we invite you on a sensory journey. A moment of pause to reflect and re-connect!


SOMEGA, a Cork-based health supplement brand, and now established as one of Ireland’s leading innovators in the sector, was founded by Mark Clifford and Dr. Paula Gaynor. SOMEGA supplements are backed by over thirty years of nutritional expertise. All SOMEGA products are formulated to be pure and natural, easily absorbed and gentle on the digestive
system, making better health accessible for everyone, from age two and up. Mark and Paula’s journey began with a personal quest for high-quality supplements for their family. Their product range includes Collagen, Omega-3, Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Quercetin and a range of Vitamin D and B supplements. Inspired by the natural beauty of West Cork, SOMEGA is committed to protecting the planet. Their packaging is fully recyclable, and they maintain ethical processes to ensure a sustainable business. SOMEGA products are available through their website and through all good pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

Event Supporters and Contributors