The Yoga Picnic

Line Up

Teachers and Speakers

Festival Headliner

Adam Hustler

Drawing from a variety of lives lived off the mat, Adam Husler brings a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than making pretty shapes. He offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that focus on balancing flexibility and strength; physically and mentally. Adam specialises in a signature style of
Alignment-Based Vinyasa— fuelled by a fascination with anatomy and a desire to ask
‘why?’ Adam believes that yoga is a personally subjective practice of self enquiry,
where one thing is for certain: whether a long-time listener, first time caller, or
anywhere in between… yoga offers us all plenty of options to challenge and reward.
Start small, go slow, practise, and all is coming.
Adam has taught classes, workshops and trainings in over 60 studios in over 20
countries, with a robust home schedule in London’s leading studios You can find
Adam chatting on the Honestly Unbalanced podcast and co-teaching trainings with
teacher inc. Jason Crandell, Michael Wong and Mia Togo. @adamhusler


Headline Presenters

Sinead Mooney

Meditation Instructor, Life Design Coach, Yoga Teacher, Wellbeing Facilitator and Studio Owner – Moons has been working in the wellbeing space in Ireland and abroad for over a decade. She is based at her Studio in Blackrock but runs her Yoga Holidays across Europe and also facilitates her Learn to Meditate Courses and Life Coaching online to a wide international community. A regular on the corporate and festival circuit – she brings a wealth of experience to every class/talk/session/training/workshop she hosts. Although she is extremely serious about the power of these wonderful ancient wisdom traditions – she brings a modern, accessible and playful approach to everything she does. She really makes these transformative tools fun and accessible for everyone. Her primary aim is to empower and inspire people to integrate these practices themselves, intuitively, to best support  their unique navigation of this lived experience!


Benita Wolfe

Benita Wolfe is an internationally recognised yoga teacher  and teacher trainer from the USA, she has two and half decades and thousands of hours, yoga practice, teacher training experience and has been sharing Anusara yoga globally since 2006 where she is best known as an accomplished internationally renowned Anusara yoga teacher trainer, a teacher’s teacher. She is co-founder of the Anusara Hatha School of Yoga, co-principal and lead teacher trainer in The Celtic School of Yoga, founder of HandstandsAnonymous™ and Heart Core Yoga. A life-long practitioner of Earth Wisdom tradition and six decades of life fuels her joyful passion for guiding yoga and feminine wisdom circles. She emphasises joy, therapeutic alignment and balanced action in her classes to inspire in her students a revelatory transformation attuned to the Rhythm of the Sky, Earth and Soul. Benita is mother to three grown men and grandmother of five, the jewels on the crown of her life.


Michael Ryan

Michael’s teachings draw from a wide experience of yoga, meditation, philosophy and a love of poetry and prose. HIs skill lies in his heartfelt articulation of the spiritual dimension of life through the practice of meditation and yoga while staying grounded in safe and harmonious postural alignment. His teachings speak to the soul and journey into the many different layers of the Self. He guides and encourages each student to explore and open to their fullest potential with care and compassion. Michael is the yoga and meditation teacher to the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins.


Terri Conroy

Terri is a teacher and a herbalist in the wise woman tradition and she has been working with and teaching about plants for almost 30 years. She teaches various courses from her home in Connemara where she grows and cultivates healing plants, and forages for, medicinal “weeds”.  Working closely with Nature and the Wheel of the Year, Terri feels that now is the time to be connecting consciously with the Divine Feminine. With the help of the plants we can heal each other and create a world of kindness and joy. Terri is the author of “The Weed Handbooks” Volumes 1 and 2 and has a hugely popular YouTube channel with over 50k subscribers.

Mandalei Kuhn

Mandalei has pioneered the Ceremonial Cacao movement in Ireland. A long time yogini and 200 hr YTT lead trainer, she ended up in the Amazon jungle working with the Spirit of the Cacao plant on a healing journey and it transformed her life in every way so she just had to bring back what she learned to share with her Irish community. In 2018, Magic Earth Cacao was born and since then Mandalei has held hundreds of people in ceremony with Cacao, trained over 100 women in how to facilitate Cacao ceremonies and sold over 4,000 pounds of Ceremonial-grade Cacao in Ireland, Europe and Australia. Magic Earth Cacao only supports indigenous-owned family farms and Mandalei as founder is dedicated to upholding the traditions and sacred origins of this special plant. A mother, healer, activist and reformed corporate lawyer, there is noone else with her depth of knowledge and experience in this space.


Mari Kennedy

Mari Kennedy is a global gatherer of women, a yoga, breathwork and embodiment teacher and Sovereign Woman’s coach and Mentor.  She founded in 2018. Her work weaves ancient esoteric indigenous wisdom with evolutionary modern science in service to the new more beautiful world she believes is emerging. Her passion across all her work is in uniting the opposites and playing the polarities of being human. The current question she is inquiring into is “how do we heal the split between the masculine and feminine forces within us so we can evolve out of the Patriarchy?”


Eithne Kennedy

As a Yoga teacher and Kinesiologist, Eithne brings over 20 years of experience to her classes.  Her teaching centers on the joy of creating enough space in the body to move freely, sit quietly and breathe gently into what arises.  The Bhakti practice of Mantra and Heart-focussed meditation are cornerstones of Eithne’s practice; they have gifted her with ways to experience beauty in the simplest moments and she loves to share this in group settings where the power of the practice is amplified. Practicing in nature brings a special kind of magic. Eithne’s offering at Yoga Picnic will weave movement, mantra and rest with birdsong and fresh air…a recipe for a spacious, connected heart.


Lou Horgan

Lou, mama of two beauties, yogini and teacher of yoga has been sharing her insights and journey with her wonderful students in Dublin and beyond for over 20 years. In that time she has built a reputation as a respected and experienced teacher with particular emphasis and expertise in yoga practices specifically for women. Lou’s objective and passion has remained consistent throughout the years. She has trained in the yogic arts for women, reevaluated and restructured practices to simply harness and reconnect women to what has always been there; our natural altered monthly states, our deep divine connection when giving birth, our decades of death and rebirth cycles that pave the way for the right of passage of menopause. Remembering the natural states, these power points and transformational moments women journey through is what Lou will continue to teach, her mission in life is to transform how yoga is taught to women. She has taught over 5,000 women through their pregnancies, 1200 expectant couples in her active birth workshops and countless women through the ebb and flow of their life’s arc. She continues to train teachers in yoga for women, teach weekly classes, retreats, workshops and yoga holidays.


Kitty Maguire

Dubliner, Womb Sovereignty, Activist & Creatrix

Kitty has spearheaded Menstruality work in Ireland for the past 8 years. Weaving a powerful and beautiful body of work through Ireland to evoke generational and ancestral healing connected to the bloodline, womb related stories and menstrual challenges. In recent years Kitty brought Red Alchemy to the surface. Ireland’s first and only comprehensive training devoted to the science, spirit and sacredness of the menstrual cycle, which offers in-person and online training to honour the thresholds of womanhood and menstruality consciousnesses to all who need the space. Sharing trauma sensitive Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) informed and Menstruality facilitator training for adults and adolescents in schools for anyone who is curious and wanting to expand their education and or spirituality surrounding the menstrual cycle. Kitty is passionate about social justice and over the years has provided pregnancy release circles to support compassion in a crisis and space during pregnancy or child loss. In 2020 Kitty began the Revolution Period in Ireland.

Jack Harrison

Jack is Ireland’s best known singer of yoga music. He has worked as a folklorist, musician and yoga teacher for the last 30 years and has integrated these paths together in the Celtic School of Yoga. He is a principal author of a book on the parallels between yoga and the Celtic world ‘The Celtic School of Yoga: An Aisling for the 21st Century’ and he has recorded three acclaimed albums of yoga music ‘The Enchanted Island’, ‘The Wind Across the Sea’ and Sailing with Dragons’. His teachings and practice explore how it is to ally movement of the body with breath, focus, mythology, poetry, music and the natural world – and the astonishing fact of being alive. 

Caggie Dunlop

Caggie Dunlop is a leading voice in the realms of personal development and spirituality, with a keen focus on astrology, relationships, identity, creativity and life purpose. As the driving force and visionary behind the ‘Saturn Returns’ Podcast launched in 2019, she delves deep into the pivotal life milestone of the Saturn Return, which occurs roughly every 29 years. By hosting globally recognised thought leaders and sector specialists, Caggie offers critical insights for those on a path of self-awareness. As the published author of ‘Saturn Returns, Your Cosmic Coming of Age’, released in January 2023, she reaches a dedicated and active audience, predominantly of women aged 25-35, followed by those aged 35-45. Using her online platform, Caggie masterfully blends her love for poetry and storytelling, crafting personal growth tales with a singular artistic touch, solidifying her esteemed position in the world of self-improvement. 


Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy is a poet, healer and activist who works in the ancient Irish poetic tradition of Imbas Forosnai. The Filí (Seer-Poets) of pre-Christian Ireland used this practice to bring wisdom into their beings, truth to power and healing to society. Though Imbas Forosnai was central to how ancient Irish society functioned and flourished, it was banned by St. Patrick and all but written out of history. Since having a spontaneous experience of Imbas Forosnai in 2013, Laura has been working towards reviving this practice within a culturally relevant, modern context. 

Laura’s Imbas-infused work has been featured in the Abbey Theatre’s critically acclaimed ‘HOME: Part One’, Herstory Light Shows, TG4’s ‘Imeall’, RTÉ documentary ‘Finding Brigid’ and read in Dáil Éireann. Laura was the inaugral Poet in Residence at Herstory, the movement illuminating female role-models, she campaigned to make Brigid’s Day a national holiday and is an advocate for Palestine, Ireland’s Mother and Baby Home and Magdalene Laundry survivors. 

Lydia Sasse

Lydia did her first yoga class in the Himalayas when she was a little girl and loved it. She is fascinated by how the body works + why it sometimes doesn’t and this has driven her to take over 600 hrs of yoga teacher training and qualify as a Bowen therapist. With more than 15 years of teaching experience both in Ireland and internationally she has blended what she sees as the most beautiful aspects of yoga into a teaching style that has health at its heart and a focus on how to make your body feel great for the long term inside + out. Lydia has specialized in a lot of the more unique areas of yoga and has a love of yoga for the face and eyes. She wants to move away from the idea that the body and head are separate entities and remind us that just as we exercise our body, so too, we should exercise our faces. She teaches gua sha, lymphatic massage and yoga for your face and skin workshops and talks, which look at the health of your skin from without and within. In her regular yoga classes and workshops she likes to focus on yoga for the organ body, such as the immune, reproductive and digestive systems.


Manasi Sridhar

Manasi is a Yoga Teacher, Educator and Mentor.  Born and raised in India, she has been teaching and guiding yoga students and teachers for over 7 years in the UK & Ireland.  Her offerings are based on simplicity and authenticity and focus on making this ancient path of Yoga as a way of life and accessible to all.  “I believe that yoga goes beyond the physical. Its values and philosophy can be embodied by everyone to lead a fulfilling life”. As a mum of 2, Bray is currently her home.   She is building a community for Yoga Asana & meditation classes, Kirtan evenings and various workshops and teacher trainings where people can learn as well as connect with each other from their hearts.

Manasi’s mantra is:
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
– M K Gandhi


Sam Lee

Yoga has been an integral part of Sam’s life for over a decade. Its benefit extend past the physical, bringing peace and calm to an anxious mind, and teaching her how to use her breath and body to cultivate more compassion and self-awareness. Yoga taught her how to let go of fear, and how to embrace, trust, and send love to every part of herself.


Jen Healy

Jen (yinyogajen) is a mental health advocate from Dublin who has been working in the field of mental health, addiction, and homelessness for the past 14 years. During the Covid-19 lockdown, she transitioned into teaching full-time yoga, mindfulness, and life skills. This move enabled her to create a strong community both online and in-person. Jen is highly qualified and experienced in dealing with trauma and complex needs, which makes her classes, retreats, and events a safe space for people to learn, grow, and find themselves. She holds a BA in Counseling and Addiction, another BA in Community Development and Addiction, a Higher Dip in CBT Training and Mindfulness, and is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. She is due to complete a Masters level program in September and has numerous other certificates, including 450 YTT and 180 YinTT. Jen’s goal is to continue to study and grow as a teacher and mentor students for life.


Rachel Healy

***Needs to be edited***

Sisters Rachel and Hannah co-founded Yoga Mara in 2018. The two sisters from Galway offer classes, workshops and bespoke wellness escapes and events throughout Ireland and overseas, working with global 5star venues, such as Adare Manor, Ballynahinch Castle and Villa Olivo, Italy. Rachel and Hannah recently launched their brand new on-demand wellness platform and Yoga Mara app that provides an inclusive and non-intimidating approach to yoga, meditation and breath-work practices. They are both qualified yoga instructors, meditation facilitators and breath-work coaches.  Rachel has also completed her training in supporting women through peri/menopause and is eager to equip women with tools to help themselves during hormonal changes. Rachel, a former primary school teacher, and Hannah, a former sales and marketing manager, both found healing and transformation through their yoga practice and their goal is to give people the opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life and reconnect back to the Self in a very gentle, non-intimidating and accessible way.


Lucybloom Webb

Lucy is a Yoga teacher specialising in embodiment, healing and inner growth. Over the years she has studied various different Yogic disciplines and continues to do so. A teacher and practitioner of Tantra, this transformative lineage inspires much of her work. Ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom is a central part of her offerings, working with the Tarot, Pagan ritual and reiki in order to help people move beyond their overactive mind in order to see beyond and gain clarity.  Working primarily with Women in every stage of their lives through providing support in women’s circles,  this women’s work as well as the work to unearth the Divine Feminine in us all is at the heart of all of her teachings.

Christine Dunworth

Christine is a dedicated yoga teacher and studio owner based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. With a passion for making yoga more accessible and inclusive in her community, she has worked tirelessly to create a welcoming and supportive environment for students of all ages and abilities. Christine’s teaching style is rooted in a deep understanding of the diverse needs of her students. She uses a variety of props and modifications to help each individual find their own unique expression of yoga postures, ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable in their practice. As a trained yoga therapist with Yoga Therapy Ireland, Christine brings a holistic approach to her teaching. Her chair yoga classes incorporate mindfulness, meditation, movement, and even laughter to help students improve their physical and mental health. Through her work as a yoga teacher and studio owner, Christine is making a positive impact on her community, helping to promote health and wellness for all.


Naoise Ní Bhroin

Naoise is a 500hr certified Yoga teacher with a passion for intuitive movement, the Irish language and helping people feel free from limitations, through the magic of Yoga. She combines knowledge from a degree, in Sport Science and Health, with her teachings, to help her students explore their edge safely through asana flow. Naoise teaches from the heart. Her philosophy is that Yoga is not about the pursuit of perfection or achieving that ‘perfect pose’, but an inward journey of self-discovery, transformation and becoming our brightest, most authentic selves.


Stephen Bunney

Introducing Stephen Bunney, a Yoga Teacher from Cork, now living in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare. Stephen seamlessly integrates his studies in psychology, coaching and over a decade of military service into the serene practice of yoga, stripping back some of the yoga stereotypes to give a rejuvenating, invigorating practice where people can meet themselves on the mat. Known for his precise attention to detail and clear communication, Stephen’s classes offer a structured and supportive environment for students of all levels. His alignment-focused teaching style emphases the connection between body, breath, and mind, fostering deep introspection and growth. Despite his disciplined background, Stephen brings a light-hearted and approachable energy to his classes, creating a space where students fell welcomed and encourage to explore their practice freely. As a father, he understands the importance of balance and self-care, infusing his teachings with warmth and compassion. Join Stephen at the Yoga Picnic for an invigorating experience that combines strength, serenity, and a touch of military precision.


Samantha Buckmaster

Sam’s personal journey of connection back to her body, coupled with a passion for different types of movement modalities, has helped to created her own unique style of teaching. Fusing together vinyasa flow with dance and a love for ceremonial practices, Sam’s classes are a space for self-expression, creativity, and pleasure. A forever student, always learning and growing through the practice of yoga, so that each time you join Sam on the mat you get an opportunity to share, expand, and connect. 



Niamh Glackin

Niamh is a mother of three young children and has spent 15 years in Management and Human Resources focusing on Employee Wellbeing, regularly practicing yoga and spending time outdoors in nature to unwind and destress from a busy and demanding work and home life. She swapped the boardroom for a yoga mat, immersing herself in Yoga teacher training, crafting a path that led her to the tranquil realms of Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Inside Flow and is also a Forest Bathing guide (yes, you read that right – she guides people in bathing in the goodness of nature). When she’s not busy multitasking in the dance of life with three kids, Niamh loves creating zen spaces for her clients. She recently opened a sparkling new yoga haven in Ballina, Co. Mayo called Roots Wellness where tranquility and peace reign supreme. Niamh’s absolute favourite offering is Inside Flow – a delightful concoction of music, movement, and breath that lets people connect with their inner selves. 


Play Like Apes

Sarah from Play Like Apes is passionate about promoting a positive lifestyle for children and their grown up’s by providing fun & playful ways to support their physical, mental & emotional health. Sarah has over 20 years of experience working with children as a Montessori teacher, SNA & yoga teacher. She has grown her passion for supporting children, families and educators from the ground up. Her family are her inspiration; with this support, Sarah wrote & self-published a children’s book during the initial lockdown and has since created ‘Movement break cards’, designed to further support the introduction of creativity, movement and mindfulness into children’s lives. She looks forward to lots of movement, playful games and connections to help your kiddos let loose and have fun.


Anna Browne

Anna Browne runs Big Sky Flowers – a sustainable micro flower farm based in Mullingar, Co Westmeath.  The healthy flowers that she sells are fragrant, wild looking and unique. Anna Browne has been exercising her green fingers since she was a teenager, growing up on the family farm on the shores of Lough Owel in Mullingar. After a year or thirty working in IT, she is back to her roots, mostly away from the computer, exercising her passion for growing. Anna’s flowers are beautiful and fragrant, as you’d expect, but as they are grown without any chemical fertiliser or pesticides, they are also ethical and sustainable. In common with many gardeners and growers, Anna loves to share her knowledge and experience. She’s been teaching sustainable skills like soap making,  sourdough bread and growing vegetables since 2009.  In April 2023 she was awarded a Creative Westmeath grant that recognises the value of those skills in response to the climate emergency. That award will allow her to bring those sustainable skills to a wider audience.


Abaigéal Warfield

Abaigéal Warfield is a mother, yoga teacher and poet living in the west of Ireland. Her two passion are poetry and yoga. Her poems have been used and shared by yoga teachers around the world. Her debut mini poetry collecting ‘The Sea of Grief’ was published earlier this year. Her first full collection is forthcoming. She runs Dragonfly Yoga studio in Ballyhaunis and co-hosts writing circles for women writers. When she’s not teaching yoga or writing in her notebook, you can find her in her garden, possibly dancing in her polytunnels, with her daughter and two cats. 

Jennifer Draper

Westmeath native Jennifer Draper has been practising yoga for many years and fell in love with the practice because of the sense of calm it brought to her life. Jennifer loves creating strong flows that will challenge her students while also placing emphasis on rest and relaxation. Jennifer’s passion for yoga lies in the mind-body connection and she guides her students to connect with their strength and their softness.

Kate Harris

Kate is a yoga teacher, insight herbalist, reflexologist, and reiki practitioner. A student of nature, the plants, and the wisdom of the body, she has spent over 10 years studying yoga, various forms of body and energy work, herbalism, and ecotherapy. All of which inform and infuse her work as a facilitator of circles, workshops, and retreats. She is passionate about sharing insight herbalism; an embodied, process-orientated practice of coming into relationship with plants, and learning directly from them. In a plant connection ceremony, Kate holds a gentle space for you to drop into the truth of your own being using the plants as a guide.


Noeleen Shannon

Noeleen is a yoga teacher, women’s circle and menstrual cycle awareness faciltiator, mother and moon lover. Weaving together 20 years of yoga practice, 10 years of teaching and trainings in alignment-based hatha yoga, restorative, yin, pregnancy, yoga for children and yoga for children with special needs, Noeleen’s passion is working with women through all phases and cycles of life. With a grá (love) for teaching outdoors, whether it be by the lake, at the beach or in the forest, Noeleen believes that working with the elements, the changing seasons and cycles of the moon can inspire us all to reconnect to our roots and back to true selves.  Based in County Cavan, the land of 365 lakes, one for every day of the year, you will find Noeleen here swimming, paddle boarding and hosting outdoor yoga retreats, classes and moon magic circles offering space to remember, reconnect and rewild.


Nicole O'Kelly

Nicole O’Kelly is a Mother of one, a yoga teacher, birth and postpartum doula, women’s circle & cacao facilitator. Nicole originates from Offaly but has been based in Dublin and Kildare over the last three years. While dedicating her work to supporting families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum through yoga classes, doula support and Mother’s Rest circles; Nicole thrives to provide spaces that are inclusive and based on connection, support and have a holistic approach. Nicole is on a continued journey of development in her yoga practice and teachings and is excited to provide a yoga class to slow down, connect with your breath and body and drop into deep rest. 


Tina Kennedy

Tina is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, musician and singer. She believes in making yoga accessible to all. Tina is passionate about reaching as many people as possible and works with people from various backgrounds and ages, providing yoga and mindfulness sessions to those who may not be able to access yoga. 

She has been working with young people for the past two years and loves to share the wisdom and teachings of yoga with young minds and hearts. Tina believes learning must be fun and loves to create a safe space for her students to relax, explore and play. She is an animal lover and spends much of her time with her four-legged friends.

Jenn McKee

Jenn, the passionate force behind West Coast Wellness in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, offers a diverse range of wellness services that invite you to emabrk on an inwards journey. As a devoted Yoga Teacher, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Pre- and Post-Natal Coach, and Meditation & Mindfulness teacher, she brings a genuine commitment to holistic well-being to every session. Whether guiding you through tantra, vinyasa, or partner yoga, sharing massage & bodywork, facilitating playful inner-child workshops, or offering individualised physiotherapy, Jenn’s heart is present in each offering. Beyond her wellness haven, she’s also the creator of the Wild & Well Festival, an event that brings her passion for holistic well-being to life in the stunning landscapes of Co. Sligo. Join Jenn for an enriching experience that’s all about you – your time to rest, play, move, and breathe. 

Joanne King

Joanne is a yoga teacher, birth doula, pre and post natal support worker, womb keeper and women’s space holder. After the birth of her son, she trained as an Innate postpartum care provider with Rachelle Seglia and a Mama Rising Matrescence coach with Amy Taylor Kabbaz. She has spent many years learning and apprenticing with women’s teachers including 2 years with Jewels Wingfield’s Sacred Feminine Initiation in the UK. She runs Women’s Circles and Mother’s circles in Dublin and online and has been teaching yoga worldwide for over 15 years.  She is currently training as a Family Celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants. She believes empowered Mothers and caregivers of children are paramount for the changes we need within our systems and communities, and that together we rise. In her spare moments you can sometimes find her acting, writing or creating beautiful things, but mostly getting muddy in the woods with her son!


Caroline Young

Caroline brings to her yoga teachings a passion for wild, immersive experiences and journeys deep into nature. The power of nature to bring awe, wonder and inspiration to our daily lives, to heal the soul and the body- is at the heart of her teachings. Raised in the mountains and lochs of Scotland,  the Norwegian spirit of Frilufsliv proved a powerful practice for Caroline. After moving to Westmeath and raising her 3 beautiful, wild and wondrous children- she began her own journey back to health after a personal tragedy took a major toll on her physical and mental wellness. Yoga has provided a space for Caroline to heal, bringing her onto a lifelong journey along the yogic path. Caroline now offers Yoga in studios and outdoors in Mullingar, along with Yoga and freshwater dips. She also offers Forest School sessions and Nature Connection experiences on her farm and Westmeath’s wild spaces.  Caroline is so thrilled to announce that she will soon be offering Stand Up Paddleboard classes, tours, SUP Yoga and Water Wellness Immersive Experiences across Westmeath and Irelands Hidden Heartlands.


Naomi Sturdy

Teaching yoga for over a decade, Naomi has established her own unique style infused and informed from her own embodied experiences and training. She has trained extensively in the realms of Yoga, Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness and therapeutic modalities and currently focuses her teaching methodology on a nervous system informed approach to aid individuals to process, regulate and connect their inner experience. Since becoming a Mother in 2020, Naomi has trained in Matrescence coaching and facilitation and believes that supporting Mothers through this rite of passage in their lives can create true healing, transformation and growth. Naomi currently offers community classes in her local neighbourhood in Dublin 8, including Pregnancy Yoga and Mothers’ Circles. Further afield she leads retreats, and offers training and continuing education. Naomi also hosts an active community online hub with movement and stillness practices to support participants from the comfort of their own home. 


Elaine Abbott

Elaine’s love and passion for yoga started many years ago and has evolved with time. She teaches both adult and kids yoga and truly believes the earlier we start practicing the better. Yoga encourages children to be happy, healthy and build a positive a mind-set. Being a primary school teacher, she implements strategies into her daily teaching. She believes in fostering and developing key skills and positive habits like breath work, mindfulness and fun movement that will support children as they grow. Elaine cultivates a warm and loving space in her classes where children and adults can breathe freer, move creatively and connect fully to themselves. 

Kiara Quane - Smudge Studio

Kiara is a Meditation teacher, Reiki, Rahanni and Crystal healing practitioner from Limerick. Smudge Studio is Kiara’s wellness business which includes 1:1 treatments, group workshops to share knowledge on how to use crystals, grounding exercises, the power of the breath, finding balance within and an online shop which specialises in ethically and carefully selected pieces to assist you on your journey. Crystals are a safe way to offer support and solace to all who choose to carry them and Kiara is passionate about the energetically charged power of crystals and wants to share these intuitively selected pieces of magic to assist you in your every day life. 

Helen Colgan

Helen is an experienced energy healer, advanced spiritual teacher, and navigator dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards personal transformation and spiritual awakening. With a profound understanding of energy dynamics and spiritual principles, Helen guides people in recognising and embracing their inner light. Through Helen’s unique approach, individuals are empowered to identify and release blocks, dense energies, and limiting beliefs that hinder their growth and fulfilment. By creating a sacred space of healing and self-discovery, Helen facilitates a profound shift in consciousness, allowing clients to thrive and blossom into their fullest potential. Experience the transformative power of Helen’s work and embark on a journey of self-realisation and empowerment. Illuminate your path, remove obstacles, and embrace your true essence with Helen as your trusted guide. 

Niamh O'Brien

Niamh is a biofield tuner, physiotherapist, cacao enthusiast, retreat leader, world explorer and peace seeker. Niamh holds a passion to help people overcome challenges in their life whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional in nature. Niamh spends time in Ireland and across the globe offering healing retreats and events. Niamh’s main focus at the moment is to help people enhance their electrical health and raise their voltage by tapping into the electrical nature of the human body and the world around us. Niamh uses cacao medicine and electromagnetic frequencies to recharge the body, give back lost energy, release trauma, clear ‘stuckness’ and bring people more into the present moment feeling lighter, brighter and more expansive than ever before. Niamh elegantly combines science and spirituality in an easy way to understand, join her to experience the magic for yourself.

Margaret Meehan O'Brien

Margaret is a Reiki master and meditation teacher along with being a qualified reflexologist, chair yoga instructor and holistic life coach. This is Margaret’s passion and after working in corporate banking for 17 years, in an often highly stressed and fast paced environment, Margaret started to assess the impact stress and pressure can have on the mind, body and soul. After embarking on an IVF journey she started to dive deeper into meditation, energy healing and the importance of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to bring balance and healing into peoples life’s. Margaret fell in love with the peace and contentment leaning into this practice and way of life created and this has led to a complete refocus in her career and the creation of Moonqueen Healing. Margaret runs meditation classes, Reiki training and retreats as well as working one to one with her clients.

Celine Florence Doyle

Celine Florence is a weaver of many disciplines and modalities, including yoga, healing arts, coaching and menstruality & feminine embodiment. She is passionate about supporting women to return to the frequency of love, peace & joy, which is our natural state of being. Over the years her fascination for all things energy & healing has led her to study various different Yogic practices including Kundalini, The Heart of Yin, Radiant Body, Trauma Informed and Restorative Yoga. She now teaches a blend of blends these different styles called Radiant Heart Yoga along with Restorative Yoga. Radiant Heart Yoga is designed to move energy through the body, through breathwork, mantra, gentle movements, embodied flows, dance, kriya and meditation to bring students on a journey into their heart portal. She also adores teaching the blissful style of Restorative Yoga to support students into a place of deep rest & connection to spiritual healing by bringing her homemade sacred oil blends into the experience. It is this dance between elevating our energy and allowing ourselves deep healing rest. It is this dance between elevating our energy and allowing ourselves deep healing rest that Celine wishes for her students to feel the benefit of in their bodies, knowing that the more we experience both, the closer we come to our natural state of being & can be the light that we came here to be in the world. Celine is a mum to three boys and previously worked in Corporate HR before taking the leap of faith to follow her own path. She now supports other to follow the whispers of their heart too, through 1:1 healings, classes, retreats and online programmes. 

Celine Florence Doyle

Celine Florence is a weaver of many disciplines and modalities, including yoga, healing arts, coaching and menstruality & feminine embodiment. She is passionate about supporting women to return to the frequency o